Clarence Gooden photoWith a more-than-40-year career encompassing both operations and sales and marketing experience, as well as a number of leadership and management roles, Clarence Gooden is a proud veteran of the railroad industry. Currently serving as CSX Corporation’s executive vice president and chief commercial officer, positions he has held for over a decade, Clarence Gooden is committed to helping grow and improve US rail transportation for consumers and industry professionals alike.

Having worked in various capacities for Seaboard Coast Line and L&N Railroad throughout the 1970s, Clarence Gooden joined CSX Corporation in the 1980s, launching a working relationship that to date has lasted more than 30 years. Based in Jacksonville, Florida, CSX Corporation is one of the leading transportation suppliers in the US, operating a number of rail and intermodal business subsidiaries which overall cover more than 21,000 route miles of track and connect 70 river, lake, and ocean ports.

Clarence Gooden’s first position with CSX Corporation was as assistant general manager-intermodal for the corporation’s principal operating company, CSX Transportation. Over the next two decades, Gooden continued to take on new roles within the company and grow his expertise to include commercial experience as well as operational skills. Positions he held during this period include vice president and general manager of CSX Intermodal, general manager of field operations, senior vice president of the Coal Service Group, president of CSX Intermodal, and senior vice president of CSX Transportation’s Merchandise Group.

In 2004, Clarence Gooden took up his present position of CSX Corporation’s executive vice president and chief commercial officer. In this capacity, Gooden oversees more than 30 national and international field offices, 800 sales and marketing team members, and an intermodal terminal operating organization of roughly 1,100 employees. He also heads the TRANSFLO operating subsidiary, which provides logistical solutions for safe and efficient rail-to-truck product transfers, as well as numerous other operating terminals.

Clarence Gooden’s tenure as executive vice president and chief commercial officer has yielded significant changes and impressive results for CSX. His strong customer focus and commitment to customer engagement has led to numerous initiatives designed to improve company-customer relationships, including the formation of customer councils and the implementation of customer site assessments. Likewise, his dedication to organizational effectiveness has seen the development of a commercial training program in partnership with various higher education institutes and yielded “best in class” feedback for employee engagement. Gooden is equally committed to engaging other professional partners with the goal of bettering the entire railroad industry; some of his achievements in this area have included the launch of an annual E-Business Forum, a first for the industry, as well as improvements in B2B data sharing to improve industry efficiency and effectiveness.

Beyond his work with CSX, Clarence Gooden sits on the boards of TTX Corporation, the Federal Reserve Transportation Advisory, and the National Freight Transportation Association. He is an active public speaker, frequently presenting at rail industry and market oriented conferences and events such as the Western Railway Club. Gooden also serves as a board member for the Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art and St. Vincent’s Hospital, and is a strong supporter of the American Heart Association.